Hello Barbie Hologram: the new Hologram Barbie Doll

Hello Barbie Hologram is here

…and she responds to your voice commands.

The iconic doll has been placed in her own tiny holographic world where your child can talk to her directly. Capable of cracking some pretty corny jokes, Hello Barbie Hologram can also chat about the weather and dance. Ask Barbie to change her appearance. She will snap her fingers, and her body style, hair color, skin tone and clothing will magically adjust. Setting an alarm, giving you the weather forecast or acting as a night light are easy. Can you choreograph her dance routines? Of course. She will dab or twist on command. Can you add things to your calendar? Yes, Hologram Barbie can do all of that.

Fortunately, ordering items from shopping sites is not within Hologram Barbie’s capabilities. That should be a relief to parents. What she is capable of doing, is pretty cool though! She is able to take part in small talk and answer simple questions or keep a calendar. A real personalized play experience is the result.

Expected to be available in the fall in three different types, Mattel says the price of the toy will be under $300. We are also guessing that more will be added to the final product before its official launch.

How does Hello Barbie Hologram work?

The holographic Barbie is actually a 3D computer animation, but the projection itself is only 2D so it won’t appear if you look at the box from the side. The conversation skills are a bit more advanced. Created by the people who built the voice-control features for the Hello Barbie Dreamhouse, we’re hoping it will be quite responsive.

Of course, there’s an app, but a smartphone is not required in order to use the Hologram. It does give parents some control over the little one’s interactions with it, like setting a certain bed time so that the child doesn’t sit up all night talking to the avatar.

Our Conclusion on Hello Barbie Hologram

The latest Hello Barbie will fulfill many a little girl’s dreams. With its interactive capabilities, we predict it will be an immediate sell-out and a must-have for your child.